'Star Wars' Celebration: What Could Happen, What Should Happen

'The Last Jedi' trailer is a no-brainer for when the festivities kick off Thursday, but what about third spinoff movie details or a Han Solo title?

Jedi and Sith alike are about to head to sunny Orlando, Fla., where Star Wars Celebration will kick off Thursday.

Heat Vision's Aaron Couch and Graeme McMillan won't be taking the trip (follow contributor Chris Hartwell for updates from the ground), but that doesn't mean they can't speculate about what should and could be revealed at the festivities.

Graeme McMillan: OK, start with the obvious one. The Last Jedi trailer. It's about time, right? And I say that as someone who thought that our colleague Ryan Parker was too impatient back in January. But the first Rogue One trailer came out in April last year, and a 40th anniversary celebration of the entire franchise feels like the ideal place to drop the first look at the next chapter for Luke, Rey and all our other favorites, surely. Plus, let's be honest: If Celebration goes by and there's not a glimpse at The Last Jedi, we're all going to be really bummed.

Aaron Couch: This is all but guaranteed to drop Friday morning during The Last Jedi panel. We all forget that it was such a long wait for the Rogue One trailer.. but also there's no comparing the anticipation for a Skywalker Saga film (Luke's first words! Rey's parents!) to one of the stand-alones. This has to be the biggest film of the past 15 years to have such a short window between the first trailer and release. (Justice League gave us a teaser trailer a full 15 months before the movie's release date.) Serious question: how much more about The Last Jedi will be revealed? Could we learn something as crazy as Hayden Christensen is returning as Force ghost? He is going to be at Thursday's opening day panel...

McMillan: I'll only accept Christensen's return if Anakin's ghost just complains about sand all the time. If that's not what he's going to talk about, I'm not interested.

Is it too early for announcements for new movies? There was a point before The Force Awakens when we knew about two "Star Wars Story" movies as well as the next Saga installment. With Rogue One out, is it too early to start teasing the "Star Wars Story" movie for 2020?

Couch: There's quite a mystery as to what happens after 2019's Episode IX. I don't expect we'll get clarity on if there's a fourth trilogy. And we don't need that yet (watching Marvel's Age of Ultron already knowing Civil War and Infinity War were coming lowered the stakes for me), but how about a Boba Fett/Bounty Hunters announcement? Or an Obi-Wan movie? (Though I don't know how compelling Ewan McGregor moping around the desert  would be.) We know Disney is already discussing what the next 15 years of movies look like, so why not at least announce a spinoff? It's unlikely it'll be anything people haven't speculated about anyway.

McMillan: Celebration might also be a good place to drop some more information about the Han Solo movie, as well. Like, for example, what's the title of the damn thing? Seriously, we can't keep calling it "Untitled Han Solo solo movie," if only because it sounds like we're repeating ourselves. Hoping for a plot synopsis this far out might be unlikely, given the by-now-traditional level of secrecy surrounding any Star Wars project, but learning anything else about it would be welcome. Spoiler: I may also be excited at the very prospect of seeing Donald Glover on stage driving the fans wild.

Couch: This is also the first Celebration since the passing of Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill's tribute panel will likely be a highlight of the week. 

McMillan: That one is just going to make everyone an emotional wreck, I'm sure. You just know it's going to be funny and heartbreaking at the same time. Are you expecting any surprise news? I admit that I'm eyeing the Thursday morning "40 Years of Star Wars" panel and anticipating whatever lives up to the promise of "many not-to-be-missed surprises." But what could it be?

Couch: Last Celebration, there was remarkably little news. What I want to happen at the 40 Years of Star Wars panel: a third spinoff movie dated for 2020, as well as who is directing it. What I think will happen: we'll get just the subject of the third spinoff. My money is on a Bounty Hunters movie set in the pre-Force Awakens "past." What would be truly surprising is if it takes place in the "present" of the Force Awakens/Last Jedi trilogy.

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