'Star Wars: Episode VII': Domhnall Gleeson on Hiding Costumes and Navigating Fame

Domhnall Gleeson Frank P 2014
<p>Domhnall Gleeson Frank P 2014</p>   |   Charles Sykes/Invision/AP
The actor of "Frank" and "About Time" answered whatever offbeat questions he could about working on the anticipated J.J. Abrams installment.

Domhnall Gleeson can't say much about working on Star Wars: Episode VII.

"There's a guy in that window out there with a sniper rifle trained on you, and another one that's trained on me right now, and they can hear every word we're saying, and if you ask a question that disrespects the NDA, there's just going to be a 'poof'!" he told ComingSoon.net, as the outlet tried hard to get Gleeson to leak a secret or two about the anticipated J.J. Abrams installment while interviewing him about the offbeat rock band film Frank.

While Gleeson refused to comment on whether the cast and crew are required to wear shin guards after Harrison Ford's leg injury, he did note, "When you walk from your trailer to the set — you're in Pinewood Studios — you have to put on a big, black cloak thing to cover all of your clothes, like full length, 'cause they're worried about people seeing costumes and stuff. It's crazy."

Still, he's not necessarily anticipating a life-changing amount of fame, and laughed about the notion that he'll be turned into an action figure soon: "Just because I'm doing Star Wars doesn't mean that'll be the thing that makes people stop me in the street. Maybe they won't ever, so it'll be fine."

So who is guiding him through all the uncharted Star Wars territory? "No one can give me advice on Star Wars because nobody knows what I'm doing in Star Wars. The only advice I've gotten is from people like J.J., and that's always good advice!"

He was able to answer a question about the food on set, describing it as "excellent. Excellent food. Really really good. You can go really healthy and it'll still be tasty. ... Something like quinoa with chicken and stuff, but your whole meal will only be 500 calories, but it'll be really tasty and there won't be any crazy sauce or anything like that, but it's just really well seasoned and delicious."