Fan-Made 'Last Jedi' 8-Bit Trailer Gets Rian Johnson's Stamp of Approval

Last Jedi 8-Bit Trailer - H 2017
JoBlo Videos/YouTube
"Oh my god that is awesome. Well done!" wrote the 'Episode VIII' director.

Press start. 

A fan-made trailer for The Last Jedi made to look like an 8-bit video game will have fans longing for their old Super Nintendo. 

The shot-for-shot preview, posted on YouTube by JoBlo Videos, has everything that makes classic video games so cherished: pixelated graphics, dialogue boxes, synthesized music and, of course, the hokey character screams. 

This particular fan trailer was so enjoyable, it even got the attention of Last Jedi director Rian Johnson just hours after it had been posted. 

"Oh my god that is awesome. Well done!" Johnson tweeted. "Here's something pleasant! Makes me want to replay Monkey Island."

The actual Last Jedi trailer was released mid-April and currently has more than 33.5 million views.