'Star Wars' Fans Confused by Greedo's Added Dialogue on Disney+

Greedo Star Wars - Photofest - H 2019
George Lucas made before Disney acquired the property in 2012.

The argument among fans over who shot first, Han or Greedo, had another wrench thrown into the machinery Tuesday with the launch of Disney+. The streaming service features a full library of Star Wars films and shows, which obviously includes the original trilogy.

And it is in that version of A New Hope where fans are having to stop the film and play it back a bit to make sure they heard what they think they heard. 

For some reason, in the Disney+ version of the 1977 classic that would launch the Star Wars empire, Greedo has an extra line in the scene where he confronts Han Solo (Harrison Ford) in the Cantina. 

Right before they open fire (Han killed Greedo in cold blood in the 1977 film, but George Lucas changed it for the 1997 special edition to make it appear that Greedo fired first) the bounty hunter says what sounds like "Maclunkey." 

A rep for Disney told The Hollywood Reporter that George Lucas made the change before the property was acquired in 2012. 

No one seems to know what it means, but fans, including Patton Oswalt, were having some fun with it. 

"Looks like the seed money that Maclunkey Toilet Pucks™? gave to Disney+ is really paying off. #maclunkey," the comic-actor tweeted

Even Stephen King got in on the fun. 

"#Maclunkey Just because it’s so weirdly funny," he said via Twitter.