'Star Wars' Fans Left Fuming as Sound Problems Hit Screening of 'Last Jedi'

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Still 25 - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
There was a huge disturbance in the Force at an AMC theater in Burbank as police were called in to calm irate customers.

After months of waiting and hours of queuing, Star Wars fans at one AMC theater in Burbank were left fuming after technical problems at a screening on Thursday night left them watching pictures with no sound. 

There was near pandemonium at the AMC Burbank 16 as fans who had settled in to be among the first people to see Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi suddenly had their enjoyment cut short due to sound problems. With seemingly no improvement, and the theater not choosing or unable to restart the movie, fans began streaming out to the lobby to complain to management, according to several Twitter users who live-tweeted the ruckus.  

A video posted by YouTube user Lynly Ehrlich captured some of the mayhem, with customers screaming expletives at AMC staff to restart the movie. 

Twitter user Isaias Rodriguez tweeted that "AMC offered a couple of options" to placate customers, including moving to another screen at the same theater, or to attend a screening at a different AMC theater on Friday.

Those offerings didn't seem to go over too well, and things got so heated Burbank police were called to keep the peace.