How To Make 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' More Memorable: Add Some Jar Jar

Jar Jar Awakens Poster - P 2015
Courtesy of Olly Gibbs
Why have Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher when you can have more Gungans?

For most people, it would be a worst case scenario, but to illustrator and designer Olly Gibbs, the prospect of a Star Wars: The Force Awakens featuring Jar Jar Binks in every role is a very good thing indeed.

Gibbs admitted that the re-imagined version of the official Force Awakens poster that he published on Twitter over the weekend, which features the much-reviled character from the prequel trilogy in place of each of the human characters, came from a place of love as much as one of snark. "My first Star Wars film I ever saw in cinemas was Episode I so I've got a little soft spot for the little guy," he told Polygon.

Whether or not that soft spot is shared by others is open to question, but Gibbs' revision of the poster quickly went viral, not only being shared across social media but becoming the subject of many online reports.

The reaction to the piece was unexpected, Gibbs said — "It was a nice surprise to see so many other people appreciate who appreciate Binks, he deserves a bit of love" — but he's ready to take the subject further should Lucasfilm be interested. "I'm readily available for when the imminent Jar Jar Binks Origns film is announced," he joked. Mesa hopes that day comes soon.