These Forgotten 'Star Wars' Interview Clips Are Downright Painful to Watch

Star Wars Interview Clips - H 2016
Screen Junkies/YouTube
Travel to a galaxy far, far away — where movie stars aren't as polished at giving interviews.

Oof. That wasn't easy to witness. 

It is Star Wars everything right now with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opening in just a few hours. And with all that, some gems of forgotten clips dating back to the '70s and '80s have been unearthed. 

Screen Junkies, best known for their line of Honest Trailers, posted a fantastic (and cringeworthy) set of old cast interview clips that are … highly unpolished. 

From admitting they were sick of talking about Star Wars to having no clue who the characters were, to, yes, something even racist, these clips have it all (in a mostly negative sense). 

Still, there are some awesome snippets at the end of the mashup with castmembers back in the '80s speculating about the future of the franchise. Some of the ideas were pretty spot-on, while others totally missed the mark. 

Check out the video below: