'Han Solo' Comic Book Artist Says George Lucas Asked to Buy His Originals: "Surreal Is an Understatement"

Han Solo Comic Cover - P 2016
Lee Bermejo/Marvel Entertainment
The 'Star Wars' creator just paid artist Mark Brooks quite a compliment.

Talk about a Star Wars superfan's ultimate fantasy. 

Comic book artist Mark Brooks took to Facebook Tuesday to reveal that George Lucas was interested in purchasing the original pages from Marvel's Han Solo No. 1 and No. 2, for which he provided the illustrations.

"Surreal is an understatement," Brooks, an avid Star Wars fan, said of the news. Brooks has previously drawn Marvel's Ultimate X-Men and The Amazing Spider-Man.

Asked about the logistics of why Lucasfilm would be the ones contacting him about the work, Brooks explained on Facebook, "George gets first right of refusal on all Star Wars artwork." 

"The artwork goes through Lucasfilm," added Brooks, saying Lucasfilm sends the art to Lucas for optioning. "Guess it was in his contract when he sold the property [to Disney]."

The Han Solo comics chosen for purchase are two in a five-issue series that follow the exploits of the infamous smuggler in the time period between Episodes IV and V. The book, from writer Marjorie Liu, sees Han juggle the challenge of balancing his participation in one of the hardest starship races in the galaxy, the Dragon Void Run, while simultaneously carrying out a secret mission from Princess Leia

Han Solo No. 1 was released June 15.