'Star Wars,' 'Harley Quinn' Illustrator Launching Art Book on Kickstarter

Elsa Charretier Vol. 1 - Publicity - H 2019
Elsa Charretier
Elsa Charretier's new crowdfunding campaign includes previously unseen work from the artist.

Having won fans for her artwork on a number of projects over the past six years, Elsa Charretier is looking back with her latest project, a crowdfunded collection of rare and unseen work (as well as cover artwork and other published pieces) titled, simply, Elsa Charretier Volume 1, launching today.

The popular French illustrator has worked for publishers including DC, Marvel Entertainment and Disney Books since her U.S. debut with IDW’s The Infinite Loop. Her projects include Harley Quinn, Star Wars and Unstoppable Wasp. The new Volume 1 anthology is an art book collecting her illustrations for comic book covers, private commissions and process work created in preparation for November and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual.

“As artists, we rarely get a chance to show the steps or explain the thoughts that go behind creating a piece,” Charretier told Heat Vision via email. “With this art book, I’m opening up the doors of my studio and inviting readers into my creative process.”

She added, “The November: Commentary Edition is an even deeper dive into the storytelling technics that went into creating Matt Fraction’s and [my] new graphic novel,” referencing one of the tiers for the campaign, which adds a separate release, relating to the upcoming Image Comics collaboration with the Sex Criminals, Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen writer.

Additional reward tiers include the ability to receive original artwork, or exclusive prints of Charretier’s artwork.

More information about the project can be found on the official campaign page.