'Star Wars: The High Republic' Will Connect to Existing Canon

Star Wars The High Republic PR - H 2020
Author Justina Ireland revealed a familial connection between the new publishing initiative and a fan-favorite character from the franchise.

Fans are still waiting to find out more about Star Wars: The High Republic, the publishing initiative spanning prose and comics set hundreds of years before the original Star Wars movie, and at Disney-Lucasfilm Publishing’s Comic-Con at Home panel Friday, some more information was finally revealed.

Novelist Justina Ireland, one of many guests on the hour-long panel, talked about the fact that, despite taking place centuries earlier that the rest of Star Wars canon, The High Republic will have a familial connection to a fan-favorite character.

“If fans are familiar with Sana Starros,” Ireland said, referencing a character introduced in Marvel’s Star Wars comic book in 2015, “we know she’s the best scoundrel to ever have scoundreled, she has no shame, she’s out there to get what she needs to get, and she’s kinda ruthless. She’s literally my favorite. But The High Republic takes place many hundreds of years earlier before she exists, and so who we’re going to meet instead of Sina is her great, great, many-times-great ancestor — there won’t be a direct relation there because genetics are murky in the Star Wars galaxy.”

That relative, Avon Starros, will be the co-leads of Ireland’s YA title, The High Republic: A Test of Courage.

“Avon is a 12-year-old girl, she has been sent to the edge of the galaxy by her mother who’s a republic senator because she’s just trouble,” Ireland revealed. “She is a scientist and the only things she wants to know are the answers to the questions that drive her. So, ‘How does the Force work, from a scientific perspective?’ That might be something a scientist would want to know. ‘What happens if you take a khyber crystal out of a lightsaber, what does that look like?’”

“It’s a lot of fun to play in this new time period and these new characters,” the writer said. A Test of Courage, one of the launch titles for The High Republic line, will be released in January 2021, following the COVID-related delay in launching the program.

Also announced during the panel was The Art of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the latest in the line of Art of books, which have so far focused on movies. The title, focusing on the Disney Parks attraction, will be written by Amy Ratcliffe.