'Star Wars'-Inspired Bar in Hollywood Extends Run Through July (Exclusive)

Star Wars Bar - H 2017
Courtesy of Dechart Photography
Along with the added dates is a new ticket option.

Perhaps there was no such thing as luck in Obi-Wan Kenobi's experience, but Star Wars fans are so in luck that a Hollywood bar inspired by the beloved space adventure franchise is continuing its run for another month.

I visited the Scum & Villainy Cantina on Hollywood Boulevard last weekend and had a full-fledged nerdgasm once I got past the droid detector near the entrance. Yes, the bar really has one, and if a customer is dressed like a droid, a bartender will yell at them.

The cantina's decor features a mixture of sci-fi influences and is also heavy on Tunisian design, similar to a certain Mos Eisley watering hole (but just different enough not to stoke the ire of Disney lawyers). The only aspect better than the atmosphere were the cosplayers, such as the guy wearing an exact replica of Boba Fett's outfit and another who was a spot-on Biggs Darklighter.

While drinking my Blue Milk, a delicious specialty rum concoction, I was informed by the location's founder, J.C. Reifenberg, that he was considering extending the pop-up bar's run through July thanks to the immense popularity of the joint.

Well, it is officially happening.

And with those added dates, there are a couple options on how to get in.

There is the $50 ticket option, which includes two drinks, a collectable coin and a souvenir glass.

For July, there is also a $25 ticket option, which features a souvenir glass and collectable patch, but does not include drinks.

For those who want to go more than once, the top-tier option is best, because the coin is good for future free re-entry (capacity of 130 depending). Also, coin holders will get 10 percent off their bill in July.

"For people who have the coin, we are really trying to say thanks, we want to see you again," Reifenberg said. "We want to keep building our community."

If all that news wasn't cool enough, he was filling me in while the tables and walls were rumbling due to a space battle that was occurring overheard. Yeah, it was that spectacular.

For tickets, visit scumandvillainycantina.com.