'Star Wars': J.J. Abrams Knows Rey's Secret Parents

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Still 22 Rey in Covered Eyewear - H 2015
Courtesy of Lucasfilms 2015/Walt Disney Studios
The director talked about the heroine while at TCA for his project 'Roadies.'

J.J. Abrams knows the answer to the secret of Rey's parentage. 

The Star Wars director, appearing at TCA to promote his and Cameron Crowe's TV show Roadies, talked about the mysterious heroine, saying, "I know quite a bit."

He continued: "Obviously it’s not for me to talk about in this moment because this is Rian’s story to continue now. The last thing I’m going to do is reveal something that he would be upset about. I want to make sure that Rian gets the courtesy that he showed me."

'Rian' being Rian Johnson, who will direct Episode VIII, which will pick up where The Force Awakens left off.

Played by newcomer Daisy Ridley, Rey emerged from The Force Awakens as the main object of fan speculation, due to her inherent mastery of The Force.

Abrams also talked about the relief he feels no longer having the responsibility of keeping the plot of The Force Awakens a secret, saying, "I’m just incredibly relieved that the movie is out, that it was well received."

Star Wars has grossed $1.75 billion globally, but Abrams says he doesn't care too much about the box office receipts.

"I’m more excited when I hear that people went to go see the movie with their parents, who took them to the original movie when they were kids, or they took their own kids who maybe had never seen a Star Wars movie, who fell in love with Rey or found Finn to be someone that they want to be for Halloween."