J.J. Abrams, Simon Pegg Chat About 'Star Wars' Fandom (Video)

<p>J.J. Abrams has signed with CAA (he remains with law firm Jackoway Tyerman).</p>
The "Star Trek Into Darkness" actor and director informally discuss the George Lucas space saga.

Comedian Simon Pegg and director J.J. Abrams may have just completed two Star Trek movies -- but they both share a well-documented fondness for Star Wars

Abrams, tapped by Disney to helm the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, recently joined Pegg (Scotty in Trek) for an informal Sky Movies chat about the George Lucas franchise. The video was widely circulated on May the Fourth, which has been deemed a Star Wars holiday for fans noting the pun.

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In the conversation with Pegg, Abrams explained that, in adapting Star Wars, he doesn't have the "safety net" of not being a fan like he did with the Trek films.

"It forced questions about what we we're doing; it couldn't just be acceptable because it existed and I loved it cause I was a fan," Abrams said of rebooting the Star Trek series.

"Now the title, The Further Adventures of Jar Jar Binks -- wise?" quipped Pegg in reference to the ridiculed character in the 1999 Lucas prequel, The Phantom Menace

Watch the conversation below: