Do Force Friday's 'Last Jedi' Toys Reveal New Plot Information?

What can the Lego 'Star Wars' tie-ins tell us about the next movie?
Courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd.

With Force Friday II just a day away, details are emerging about what Star Wars: The Last Jedi merchandise is about to hit the shelves, including a wave of Lego kits based on the movie. This can mean only one thing: It's time to comb the Lego announcement for potential plot reveals.

As tempting as it is to read into the product descriptions of all the merchandise released on the second Force Friday, it's likely a fool's errand — after all, write-ups of vehicles are likely to have come from people with limited access to the overall plot of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, never mind the details, (something arguably clear from the names First Order Assault Walker and First Order Star Destroyer, both of which lack the specific names revealed by Lucasfilm last week).

Similarly, those who are ancient enough to remember trying to decode the secrets of the original trilogy from the prerelease toys will know from painful experience that just because something is released as a toy doesn't mean it plays an important part in the movie — I'm looking at you, A-Wing and B-Wing from Return of the Jedi.

Nevertheless, it's not as if the descriptions of Lego's Last Jedi kits lack eye-catching details. For one thing, it's been known since April's Star Wars Celebration that Finn would spend a large part of the movie with Kelly Marie Tran's Rose Tico, but just why do they have to "escape to safety in the Resistance Transport Pod"? (Perhaps it's got something to do with the explosions within the Resistance's hangar from the first trailer for the movie?)

We get more of an idea what role Rose's sister Paige plays in the movie too. She shows up, in Lego form at least, on board the Resistance Bomber alongside Poe Dameron and Vice Adm. Holdo (Laura Dern's character), "set[ting] out on daring raids" and "fend[ing] off enemy ships." Which enemy ships? Well, take your pick: Both the Star Destroyer (apparently home to Supreme Leader Snoke, seemingly confirming that audiences will get to see the real deal, not a hologram version, in the new movie) and Kylo Ren's TIE Fighter — another incorrect name, as it's officially called a TIE Silencer — are listed as available, with an Elite TIE Fighter Pilot figure also offered.

Not everyone's in space, however. If Lego is to be believed, General Hux will be heading up the ground war on Crait in the First Order Heavy Scout Walker. On the face of it, this seems suspicious — surely his performance in The Force Awakens suggested that he was an officer more comfortable farther away from the field of battle? — but far from impossible. Who knows what happened to him following the destruction of Starkiller Base, after all.

That said, all this tea-leaf-reading might be based on faulty information. I've already pointed out that there is at least some info in the announcements that is lacking the most up-to-date elements of Lucasfilm's slow release of information from the movie. But two things can be pulled from the figures and vehicles announced Wednesday: Many old favorites look set to play roles in The Last Jedi, and some characters are suspiciously absent from the initial Lego lineup. Could the lack of Rey, Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and Captain Phasma be for spoilerific reasons? And if so, what could they be?

The Lego Last Jedi sets will be released Sept. 1 in toy stores worldwide. Star Wars: The Last Jedi reaches theaters in this galaxy Dec. 15.