'The Last Jedi' Film Locations to Appear In Book, Comic Spinoffs

Crait Last Jedi - H 2017
Want to know more about the casino city or red planet glimpsed in the teaser trailer?

Ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi this December, Canto Bight — the intergalactic casino that reportedly features heavily in the movie — remains a mystery. But fans won't have to go into the movie knowing nothing about the new locale, with a new book promising to spill a few beans in advance.

Released ten days before The Last Jedi arrives in theaters, Star Wars: Canto Bight will feature four interconnected stories by authors including John Jackson Miller and Mira Grant, each focusing on different customers of the casino.

Characters will include interplanetary contract criminals, successful masseuses and a liquor trader who is in for a surprise when a planned purchase doesn't go as planned — all of which suggest that Canto Bight might be the upscale new home for the kind of scum and villainy that used to frequent Tatooine casinos back in the original movie.

Canto Bight isn't the only new location from The Last Jedi that will be expanded upon in spin-off material; leaked solicitations for Marvel's December output have revealed that the mineral planet of Crait, which can be seen filled with red dust in the first teaser for the movie, will have its own backstory revealed in a comic book storyline featuring Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa.

Star Wars: Canto Bight will be released Dec. 5.