'Last Jedi' Uses the Same Millennium Falcon Bubble-Wrapped Seat Belts From 'New Hope'

Rian Johnson - Star Wars Celebration 2016 - Getty - H 2017
Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images
Director Rian Johnson was asked a number of questions during a Twitter Q&A, but one of the best turned out to be the most logical.

Safety first. 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson revealed a fun fact about the Millennium Falcon during a Twitter Q&A on Tuesday to further hype his highly anticipated film. 

Johnson was asked an assortment of questions, but one of the best turned out to be the most logical: Does the Millennium Falcon have seat belts. The simple answer is yes, but there is more to it, which fans will love. 

"Actually, it's interesting, the bench that goes around the hologram table, if you look, there's seat belts on that and they're covered in bubble wrap for some reason. But they've been that way since A New Hope, so we left them that way," Johnson says. 

The director also said he was most excited for a new Star Wars audience to meet Kelly Marie Tran, who plays Rose Tico

"Kelly is an amazing person, and she is so good in the movie and I love the character, Rose," Johnson says. "I can't wait for people to meet her." 

Johnson also revealed that Finn, played by John Boyega, is explored much deeper in Last Jedi

"The character Finn in this movie, we really dig into and take to a cool, interesting place," Johnson says. "I can't wait for people to see John's performance in the film. 

The Last Jedi opens Dec. 15.