Mark Hamill Makes Luke Skywalker Look Super Intimidating in 'Last Jedi' Photo

Whoa, don't mess with Luke Skywalker. 

Mark Hamill on Wednesday shared a new photo of his iconic Star Wars character appearing on the cover of the Hungarian magazine Mozimania — and it is pretty intense. 

This is defiantly the most badass fans have ever seen the Jedi Knight. 

On the cover, Luke is dressed in all black, with a black shawl and black glove on his right had. The look on his face is that of someone you do not want to try. 

"Finally! In Hungary, I'm fedőfiú! #TheLastJedi #CantWaitForVIII #HungarianHamster," the actor tweeted with a photo of the cover. 

Hamill recently granted an interview to the Associated Press and told them that, yes, Luke is different than the character fans left off with in Return of the Jedi. (Yes, he was in Force Awakens, but a few moments of standing still is hardly enough to know a character.)

"Luke changed, I think, more than the other characters in the original trilogy, from callow farm boy to a Jedi in training to finally a Jedi master," Hamill told the AP. "In this new one, I was saying to [director] Rian Johnson: I need to know my backstory. It was kind of unclear. You read where he is now and what he's doing now and sort of have to fill in the blanks for yourself. So I did do a backstory myself. It's not about Luke anymore, so it's not really important."

Hamill also talked about his broken heart concerning the death of his screen sister, Carrie Fisher. 

"There can never be a proper reunion anymore," Hamill said. "It's tragic. I hate that it adds an air of melancholy to the film because it doesn't deserve it. I know for a fact she would obviously want us to be having fun. She was all about laughter and enjoying the moment. We're all sort of having this communal period of grief. In a way, it sort of reflects the movies themselves, which were about triumphs and tragedies. They are about a family — a dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless."