'Star Wars' Mocks 'Game of Thrones' in Epic Mashups

Darth Vader asks why The Hound is so upset about having a burnt face and Anakin patronizes Arya's quest for revenge.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead for HBO’s Game of Thrones.]

People have it pretty rough on HBO’s Game of Thrones, but a new series of memes is arguing if you want to find true suffering, look no further than the Star Wars universe.

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The subreddit Star Wars Vs. Game of Thrones popped up on Sunday, and since has been populated with images such as Lord Varys asking why Luke is so upset about his hand getting cut off (he’s had worse lopped off) and Darth Vader calling The Hound a wuss for complaining about having his face burned. No offense, but having your entire body roasted by a volcano is far worse. And for as bad as Joffrey is, Emperor Palpatine is pretty sure he’s got the boy king beat when it comes to evil deeds.

View some of our favorites below.