First Look: 'Star Wars' Newspaper Strips Collected

IDW is reprinting the classic stories that appeared in papers during the original trilogy's initial release.
Courtesy of IDW Publishing

At the height of Star Wars’ original popularity, George Lucas had his creation licensed into a daily newspaper strip that ran all over North America.

IDW is collecting those stories, the black-and-white dailies and color Sunday strips, in handsome tomes that let readers peruse them in the format in which they first appeared.

Star Wars: The Classic Newspaper Comics, Vol. 2, which hits stores Wednesday, begins with the adaptation of the Brian Daley novel Han Solo at Stars’ End, by writer Archie Goodwin and artist Alfredo Alcala. (The duo took over the strip from Russ Manning, who was felled by cancer, in 1980.)

After Stars’ End then began an epic run of stories illustrated by classic sci-fi and Flash Gordon artist Al Williamson. (Goodwin and Williamson stayed on the strip until its end in March 1984.)

Vol. 2 collects the strips from Oct. 6, 1980, to Feb. 8, 1981. The hardcover will retail for $49.99.

Check out some of Goodwin and Williamson's work, followed by Goodwin and Alcala's, below.