'Star Wars': Rarest Action Figure Lands on eBay for Record-Breaking Price

Boba Fett Empire Strikes Back - Photofest - H 2020
The rocket-firing Boba Fett has fetched more than $100,000 a few times.

What is considered to be the holy grail of Star Wars figures has landed on eBay — with a price that is out of this world. A certified rocket-firing Boba Fett prototype is currently on the auction site for $225,000. Should the figure be snapped up, it will be a new record. 

Originally, the figure was offered by the toy line Kenner as a mail-away special; Boba Fett first being featured as a cartoon character in the 1978 Star Wars Christmas Special. However, the rocket-firing version never made it to kids as that iteration was deemed a choking hazard before the toys were shipped. So disappointed children received a Fett with a glued rocket and an apology from Kenner. Yet, some of the unpainted prototypes were not destroyed and have been floating around the nerd black market for years, going for big bucks. 

Zach Tann, a Los Angeles-based toy collector who is brokering the eBay sale for the current owner, a man in Dubai, told ABC News he was confident the figure would not last long, even with the large price tag. The seller wants to remain anonymous.

“This is the kind of piece that transcends collecting,” he said. “Every time it sells it breaks another record because they just don’t come very often.”

The eBay description reads: "Here it is. One of the true grails of Vintage Star Wars with amazing provenance. The item is currently in Dubai and will be shipped fully insured or even better arrangements to meet up in person can be made." 

Almost a year ago, another rocket-firing Fett sold for $112,926, breaking a record, ABC News reported. That record did not last long as just a few months later, someone bought another one for $185,850.