'Star Wars: Rebels' Character Is Getting His Own Marvel Comic

Star Wars Rebels Extended Trailer Screenshot - H 2014
'Star Wars: Kanan' will tell the backstory of the former Jedi Padawan turned rogue

Following up on an earlier tease from editor Jordan B. White, Marvel’s Star Wars line will expand past the original trilogy setting of its first three titles with the 2015 launch of Star Wars: Kanan, a new title tying in with the Disney XD series Star Wars: Rebels.

The new series will focus on the backstory of the character, explaining how he survived the Jedi cull as seen in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and what changed him from the sincere Caleb Dume into the sarcastic, bitter Kanan Jarrus. The first storyline will be written by Greg Weisman, writer and executive producer for the first season of the animated series, with art by Thor’s Pepe Larraz.

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Launching in April, Star Wars: Kanan continues the trend of monthly Star Wars launches throughout 2015 to date; Star Wars launches in January, Star Wars: Darth Vader in February and Star Wars: Princess Leia in March. Whether or not the publisher plans to continue with new launches in May and beyond remains to be seen.

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