'Star Wars' Screenwriter Creates 'Downton Abbey'/'Iron Man' Mashup

What would make 'Downton Abbey' even more enjoyable? A visit from Tony Stark's father, of course

Apparently, writing a Star Wars movie for Gareth Edwards isn’t enough to satisfy screenwriter Gary Whitta’s iconoclastic needs. How else to explain the fact that he’s not only written, but released online, a crossover between Marvel’s Iron Man and British period drama Downton Abbey?

Downton Abbey: The Stark Ascendancy started life as a joke tweet last week, with Whitta making the mistake of telling Twitter followers that he’d post pages if enough people retweeted his original message. Things… kind of snowballed from there.

After getting more 1,200 retweets for the original message, Whitta made good on his promise — well, kind of; he falls down on that “it will be terrible" part, with the screenplay being a particularly enjoyable slice of fan service for those who love both Marvel and Downton. After all, who would have thought that Lord Grantham’s servants would be behind the origin story of Jarvis? And yet, it makes such sense in retrospect.

Somewhere, someone is trying to work out if the internal chronology of the Iron Man and Peggy Carter mythology allows Howard Stark to make an appearance in England in 1927. Me, I’m hoping that this means we can hope for Downton Abbey Easter eggs to be found in future Star Wars movies — and that Whitta gets around to writing further chapters of The Stark Ascendancy sooner rather than later, as well.

The screenplay is available to download from here.

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