That Time Mark Hamill Was Luke Skywalker for 'Guys and Dolls'

Mark Hamill Simpsons - H 2017
'The Simpsons' brought Luke out of retirement long before J.J. Abrams did.

Technically, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was not the first time Mark Hamill played Luke Skywalker since Return of the Jedi.

Hamill fastened on his New Hope tunic and played a singing Skywalker on Fox TV's The Simpsons. Also an accomplished voice actor, Hamill excelled as Luke, starring in a version of Guys and Dolls. And yes, his character was just as confused by this as anyone. 

The episode, "Mayored to the Mob," was during the tenth season and premiered Dec. 20, 1998. 

Essentially, Homer Simpson becomes a bodyguard for Mayor Quimby after he and Hamill are attacked by a hoard of angry nerds during a sci-fi convention. 

Arguably, the best part of the whole episode is Hamill singing "Luke Be a Jedi Tonight" to the tune of "Luck Be a Lady Tonight." 

Of course, Homer carrying Hamill out of the theater at the end, kicking away nerds seeking autographs while the Whitney Houston song "I Will Always Love You" plays, is pretty classic, too. 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi opened last weekend to near-record breaking numbers. 

Check out Hamill as Luke in The Simpsons' version of Guys and Dolls, below.