'The Star Wars' Trailer Offers a Look at George Lucas' Original Vision

Dark Horse Comics unveils a video trailer for an eight-issue series that adapts the very first -- and very different -- draft of George Lucas' "Star Wars."
Mike Mayhew/Dark Horse Comics/Lucasfilm

"Longer Ago, in a Galaxy Even Farther Away…"

That's the tagline that introduces a video trailer Oregon-based Dark Horse Comics has released to promote next month's launch of The Star Wars, an eight-issue series adapted by writer J.W. Rinzler and artist Mike Mayhew from the near-mythical first draft of George Lucas' script for Star Wars, written three years before the eventual release of the movie and featuring a significantly different take on the cast and plot of the now-familiar story.

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The original script -- and Dark Horse's attendant comic -- features General Luke Skywalker and newcomer Annikin Starkiller joining forces to combat the Galactic Empire, with other fan-favorite characters even more changed from their eventual, iconic, forms. (The most eye-opening may be Han Solo as a green-skinned "mysterious pirate" of uncertain allegiance.) According to artist Mayhew, The Star Wars is "the greatest 'what if?' story ever in comics."

The first issue of The Star Wars will be released in comic stores and through Dark Horse's digital store on September 4. Watch the trailer below, courtesy of Dark Horse and USA Today.