Who Else Deserves a 'Star Wars' Spinoff?

With a Boba Fett film now in the works, here are five other suggestions for who could be next.

Solo: A Star Wars Story continues the trend of spinoff movies from the core Star Wars series that fill in the blanks that fans didn’t really think too much about prior to the movie’s announcement. (Really, did anyone wonder about the theft of the original Death Star plans? Most people just assumed it was the Bothans, who died grabbing the second ones.)

Thursday added an intriguing spinoff player into the mix, with the announcement that a Boba Fett movie is in the works from James Mangold. While that sounds interesting, and it's fun to see Alden Ehrenreich play a young Han Solo — and even more fun to see Donald Glover play a young Lando Calrissian — it’s worth asking: What pics could Lucasfilm produce that truly fill in blanks that audiences are curious about? Below are five suggestions.

All The Jedis You Could Possibly Want
If the prequels have one thing to recommend them even for casual Star Wars fans, it’s that they feature something the rest of the series lacks: The Jedi Order at its height. If there’s an obvious thread for a Star Wars Story to pull on, it’s doing more with this era of the mythology — either delving into the origins of the Jedi Order, or showing them at their best, keeping order in a galaxy without being set up for a fall that would take the Republic with it. (And if that means bringing Samuel L. Jackson back for another outing as Mace Windu… well, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.)

What Darth Did Next
The response from audiences to the final sequence of Rogue One, wherein Darth Vader let loose in a way that had never been seen onscreen before, should have been a sign for Lucasfilm executives that there’s hunger for a movie featuring Darth Vader in his prime. That Marvel has had two separate hit comic book series featuring Vader as the protagonist should be another indicator that there’s potential for something there. Another upside: Such a movie might bring with it the cinematic debut of Doctor Aphra, Vader’s co-star in one of the Marvel series and a character best described as “Indiana Jones, if Indiana Jones was a space lesbian with significantly less morals and a far stronger sense of self-preservation and self-awareness.”

The Ballad of Obi-Wan Kenobi
It’s both the narrative black hole at the heart of the Star Wars franchise and the project that’s closest to existing from this list. The story of what happened to Obi-Wan after he placed Anakin Skywalker’s children in care has been teased in various spinoff material over the years, most notably Marvel’s core Star Wars series and an episode of Star Wars: Rebels. But the full story remains to be told, and it’s one that fans have been asking for for years. The most obvious gimme for a stand-alone spinoff? Probably, and Ewan MacGregor is up for making it happen, with director Stephen Daldry in talks. So… how quickly can it happen?

Ahsoka Tano: The Movie
Speaking of Star Wars: Rebels — and its predecessor series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars — there’s a fan-favorite character who has never made it to a live-action project, despite playing an important role in the overall Star Wars mythology. Ahsoka Tano went from being Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice to being the Jedi version of a Ronin during the period between the prequel trilogy and original trilogy, and the finale of Rebels showed that she made it through the events of the original trilogy, as well. A movie could play her off as the Zelig of the cinematic Star Wars series, or merely introduce her to an all-new audience as the hero that she undoubtedly is. Either way, it’s something that is long overdue.

The New Republic
If what happened to Obi-Wan between trilogies is the biggest black hole in the Star Wars galaxy, what happened after the Rebellion defeated the Empire in Return of the Jedi probably rivals it. A lot can happen in three decades, but so much that the victory of the good guys fell apart so quickly, and plunged the galaxy into another fascist-controlled dystopia? There’s a story to be told there, and there’s no reason it should be kept for novels and comic books. (And, seeing as he’s not showing up in the current trilogy, let it be a story that explains what happened to Lando Calrissian after the Battle of Endor. Billy Dee Williams deserves his time back in the spotlight.)