Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' Moves Away From 'Star Wars: Episode VIII'

Steven Spielberg DGAs - H 2016
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Warner Bros., the studio behind the tentpole, has moved the movie to Easter 2018.

Ready Player One, Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the Ernie Cline sci-fi novel, has backed away from Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Warner Bros., the studio behind the tentpole, has moved the movie from Dec. 15, 2017, to March 30, 2018.

Earlier this month, Disney moved Star Wars from Memorial Day weekend in 2017 to Dec. 15 of that year, pitting the box-office franchise behemoth against what is expected to be a grand Spielberg sci-fi extravaganza.

The pic is set in a virtual world called Oasis, in which a teenager finds himself competing in a treasure hunt against ruthless foes after the game's founder dies and offers his fortune as the grand prize.

Olivia Cooke and Ben Mendelsohn have so far been cast in the movie.

Ready Player One will now open on Easter weekend, with the studio planting the film after the Winter Olympics in South Korea and before the commencement of the World Cup in Russia.

In other Warners release news, the studio has slated an untitled event movie for March 2, 2018, and has moved another mystery movie, this one based on its DC properties, up a week from March 23, 2018, to March 16.  Sources say the DC movie is a Flash solo project.

Also being dated is an untitled tentpole project from New Line for April 20, 2018. Details were not revealed, but the film could be in the vein, or a sequel to, New Line’s Dwayne Johnson hit San Andreas.