Storyboards Reveal Deleted 'Wolverine' Scene: Motorbiking Ninjas!

Wolverine Storyboard - H 2013
<p>Wolverine Storyboard - H 2013</p>   |   Daniel Cox/Fox
Storyboard artist Daniel J. Cox has posted images for a scene that never made it into this summer's Hugh Jackman vehicle, featuring Wolverine fighting ninjas on motorcycles. Why? Because ninjas on motorcycles.

You know what would have made The Wolverine just that little bit more awesome? A scene where the unkillable X-Man fights ninjas on motorcycles. Turns out, such a scene was originally suggested for the movie, and made it to the point of being storyboarded. Those storyboards -- by artist Daniel J. Cox -- have now appeared online, giving us a glimpse at what we missed.

Cox shared the storyboards with the Film Sketchr blog, explaining that he was brought in to help stunt coordinator David Leitch visualize ideas before pitching them to Fox and director James Mangold.

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"Dave took me through his ideas, using miniature bikes to explain the moves, and what he wanted to see," Cox said. "He had bikes doing hand brakes and smashing into Logan, doing vertical 360 flips, shooting him with net guns -- all sorts of really cool (but crazy!) stuff. So on my first day I was introduced to David and Jim, and then stood around a table, while they play acted out the scene using toy bikes LOL. He would show me a couple times, then I'd go off and draw them. Great fun!"

Cox didn't reveal whether or not the sequence made it to production, but we can only hope that they'll appear as a deleted scene extra on the Wolverine DVD and Blu-ray release. Hugh Jackman versus motorcycle-riding ninjas. What's not exciting about that?