'Stray Dogs' Is 'Lady and the Tramp' Meets 'Silence of the Lambs'

Stray Dogs Preview
Trish Forstner/Image Comics
Image Comics' February launch is a cute animal comic with a difference.

Next year, Image Comics plans to surprise many with new launch Stray Dogs, a series it describes as Lady and the Tramp meets Silence of the Lambs — and The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive glimpse.

The five-issue series is the creation of Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner, both of whom have some experience in comic books featuring cute animals, with their experience working on IDW Publishing’s My Little Pony titles — although Stray Dogs is anything but a simple cute animal book. Instead, it’s a tense thriller that just so happens to feature some adorable cartoon creatures, as Sophie arrives at an unfamiliar location, surrounded by other dogs, with no idea how it happened… or, for that matter, what happened to her owner.

“When I had the idea for this comic, a suspense/horror story told from the perspective of dogs,  I knew that if I wanted it to really work, I needed it to look exactly like one of those great, '80s-'90s era animated movies. That’s what made me think of Trish,” Fleecs told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I had studied with Don Bluth in his online program and learned some of his theories on storytelling and acting for animation,” added Forstner. “Drawing this book, I’m taking those ideas and creating believable, lovable characters with emotional acting and expressions. This story is something special.”

Stray Dogs will be released Feb. 17 digitally and in comic book stores. Keep reading for a preview from the first issue.