Studio Eight Options Graphic Novelist Jason's 'I Killed Adolf Hitler'

I Killed Adolf Hitler Poster Art - P 2012
<p>I Killed Adolf Hitler Poster Art - P 2012</p>
The source material, to be adapted by D.C. Walker, focuses on a hitman who travels back in time to kill the Nazi leader.

Studio Eight has optioned the film rights to Norwegian comics artist Jason’s graphic novel I Killed Adolf Hitler. Publisher Fantagraphics announced today that the company recruited screenwriter D.C. Walker of Up Country Productions to adapt the 2007 Eisner Award winner.

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Based on Jason’s (aka John Arne Sæterøy) graphic novel of the same name, the story of I Killed Adolf Hitler follows the adventures of a hitman who encounters complications after traveling back in time to 1938 to assassinate Hitler. Studio Eight executives Jamie and Alex Brown previously worked on the feature films In My Country, Shadows in the Sun, and Goose on the Loose.

Jason’s artwork has been compared to the clean lines of comic artists like Herge, but there’s no word yet whether an adaptation might be undertaken via performance capture, as Herge’s Tintin was in 2011 by director Steven Spielberg.