'Suicide Squad': A Closer Look at the Comic Book's Latest Big Twist

Spoilers ahead, but it turns out that appearing in a comic with 'Suicide' in the title isn't good for your health.
Courtesy of Lee Bermejo/DC Entertainment

[Spoiler Warning: This post reveals plot details and the cliffhanger ending of DC Entertainment's Suicide Squad No. 11. If you don't want to be spoiled, pick up the issue before going any further.]

Things aren't going too well for Amanda Waller in DC's comic book universe — after the events of the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad series, she was removed from the leadership of the government program that controls the Squad, and she ends Suicide Squad No. 11 by seemingly being murdered.

In the second of the issue's two stories, "Life Outside," — written by series writer Rob Williams with art by Detective Comics' Eddy Barrows — a despondent Waller is confronted by a shadowy figure holding two guns in New Orleans, which just so happens to be where the Squad is on shore leave. "Any last words?" asks the shooter, before appearing to shoot Waller directly in the chest. ("Don't miss," was her response.)

As if to emphasize what's happened, the cover of the next issue — revealed today on digital platform ComiXology — asks the question, "Who killed Amanda Waller?"

Of course, this being master manipulator Amanda Waller — and this particular series of Suicide Squad, which has already killed and subsequently resurrected Captain Boomerang — there's likely more going on than first meets the eye. Is Waller faking her own death to throw off the supervillain Rustam, who was seen plotting against her earlier in the issue? Is it a ruse for political purposes as yet unknown? Or could Waller actually be dead, never to return … ?

Actually, it almost certainly isn't that last option; there's no way she'd let the rest of the Squad off that easily.

Suicide Squad No. 11 is currently available in comic stores and digitally.