Elon Musk's (Very Brief) 'Suicide Squad' Review: "Needed More Joker"

SUICIDE SQUAD 10 Jared Leto Still H 2016
Warner Bros.
John Ostrander, who created the Squad in the late '80s, said this week he enjoyed the film.

Seems like everyone is weighing in on the new DC comic book adaption, Suicide Squad — even Elon Musk.

The billionaire inventor on Tuesday shared — in 140 characters — his thoughts on the anti-hero Warner Bros. flick and his criticism was pretty much the same as that of most fans: It needed more Joker. 

In response to a piece on the strengths and weaknesses of the picture (which was panned by critics but still had a fantastic opening weekend), Musk tweeted, "Movie still enjoyable due to some great characters, but plot & editing could've been better. Really needed more Joker+Harley." 

John Ostrander, who revamped the Squad in the late '80s, said this week he enjoyed the film.

"I really liked the film. Not perfect by a long shot, but a really good time in the movie theater," Ostrander said in a piece published for Comicmix. "And for me a lot of it was just amazing," he wrote. "The look, the detail, the feel of the film is not something I’ve seen in superhero movies before.”

Still, even with a large opening weekend, the film did notably drop off quite a bit Saturday (41 percent day-over-day), which has been attributed to poor word of mouth.