'Suicide Squad' Honest Trailer Hits DC Where It Hurts

Suicide Squad Will Smith MAIN H 2016
Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment
"We get it. You all suck."

This is the Honest Trailer you've been waiting for.

The YouTube series pulls no punches with its Honest Trailer for Suicide Squad, showing why they truly are the "worst heroes ever." 

Suicide Squad was a box office hit but faired far worse with critics. It also faced a troubled production, with sources saying ahead of its August release that there were multiple competing cuts of the David Ayer-directed film

Honest Trailers has plenty to say about Jaret Leto, declaring he "does in just ten minutes of screen time what no other actor has been able to do: Make the Joker totally suck" and calling him "Heath Lesser." It also mocks the film for having its characters constantly remind the audience they are bad guys ("We get it. You all suck.").

DC properties have inspired arguably the best — and most visceral — Honest Trailers of the year, with its takedown of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice generating a lot of buzz. And its look at the animated Batman: The Killing Joke continued the conversation about the film's controversial changes from the graphic novel

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