Parody Imagines 'Suicide Squad' Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantinos SUICIDE SQUAD Parody Screenshot H 2016
Screenshot/Loot Crate Productions/YouTube
The best of the worst come together for Loot Crate's parody of the DC supervillain team-up.

Quentin Tarantino may not be directing a comic book movie anytime soon, but for fans wondering what it could be like, here's your answer.

Loot Crate has released a trailer teaming the best of the director's characters. In a parody of the Suicide Squad trailer, Tarantino (played by Eric Satterberg) is tasked to assemble a team to battle evil forces in the sinister land of Germany. Characters being gathered for Tarantino’s squad include Jewels Wingfield (Pulp Fiction), The Bride (Kill Bill), Django Freeman (Django Unchained), Gogo Yubari (Kill Bill) and Lt. Aldo Raine (Inglourious Basterds).

The trailer is edited and shot to feel like a mixture of a grindhouse film mixed with Suicide Squad through the blender of Tarantino’s vision.

Below is the Loot Crate trailer side by side with the Suicide Squad trailer. 

Though there may be no DC or Marvel in Tarantino's future, last year the director revealed that he once considered tackling a Luke Cage film. The Marvel hero will make his entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in September with his own Netflix show.