'Suicide Squad': Who (or What) Are the Eyes of the Adversary?

In a movie filled with bad guys, why do we know so little about the bad bad guys?
Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Two trailers in to the movie's promotion, one big mystery remains: just who are the bad guys of the movie?

Sure, Jared Leto's Joker is all over the trailers to date, but when the Squad is shown in action, they're facing off against characters who tend to explode into pieces when struck — something that isn't exactly normal for the Joker's goons. Talking in the latest issue of Total Film Magazine, producer Charles Roven offers a little more insight by giving those mysterious characters a name: Eyes of the Adversary.

"Let's just say, when [the Squad is] called in to do this mission by Amanda, these are one of the things they encounter," Roven explained cryptically. "They don't know how they got here, but they're weird and dangerous and yet they're wearing military uniforms."

Well, they're not just wearing military uniforms; close attention to the trailers reveals that they're also seemingly covered with eyes (Check out 1:17 and 1:48 below). So, are these guys monsters? Guys in costumes? Something else altogether … ?

For once, knowledge of comic book mythology doesn't really help; there are no "Eyes of the Adversary" in DC's comic book history, and the only Adversary in DC mythology is a little-known Superman villain. Curiously and potentially importantly, however, that character is related to Satanus, a demonic villain who debuted in 1982's Action Comics No. 527 who has the ability to alter reality to his whims — which could possibly include transforming soldiers into weird eye creatures to defend the city he's trying to take over.

That city could be important, as well; set photos have revealed that Suicide Squad takes place in Midway City, one of the many fictional metropolises in the DC universe and one that's traditionally home to Hawkman and Hawkgirl. That opens up the possibility that they're extra-terrestrial, given that the version of the Hawks most closely associated with Midway come from the planet Thanagar. Given that Warners' DC movies currently center around the presence of an alien on Earth — that'd be Superman, obviously — the idea that the Squad are sent out to deal with the first potential invasion since the events of Man of Steel shouldn't be ignored.

Of course, there's also the possibility that the Eyes are magical; after all, they seem somewhat Lovecraftian in their design, and the movie does feature the Enchantress, a magical creature, in a major role in the trailers despite the fact that she doesn't appear to be part of the team proper in any of the group shots therein. Could she be the Adversary after all? (Potentially supporting this theory is the presence of Katana, whose sword is of mystical origin in comic book mythology.)

For now, all that's clear is that the Eyes of the Adversary are just one more wild card in a movie that already includes a group of untrustworthy protagonists, the Joker and Batman. At least it's unlikely to get any more complic — wait. The Eyes of the Adversary? What does that mean for this guy, who shows up at the 1:58 mark of the movie's second trailer?!?

Suicide Squad will be released Aug. 5.