Will Smith Explains Why 'Suicide Squad' Had No New Will Smith Song (Kind Of)

Cast and crew of the Warner Bros./DC anti-hero movie took to Twitter to answer fan questions, and they occasionally got a little strange.
Clay Enos/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Finally, Will Smith has answered the most important mystery about his involvement in next week's Suicide Squad — namely why he hasn't created a song to accompany the movie.

His explanation is as convincing as it is comprehensive: "I was at the thing, and I recorded it at the thing, and then whatd'ym'call'im didn't let me do it." No, really: Watch for yourself:

The response was part of a Twitter Q&A with the cast and director of the Warner Bros. DC movie, during which Karen Fukuhara, Jai Courtney and Jay Hernandez talked about camping out on the set for three days during the last weeks of filming, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje shared the similarities between himself and his character Killer Croc, and Cara Delevingne and Joel Kinnaman promised "something beautiful" happening between their characters in the movie.

Director David Ayer also revealed that Killer Croc was not originally part of the plan for the movie — the Batman villain was actually a replacement for King Shark, who was deemed to be too-CGI heavy for Ayer's comfort level this time around. Perhaps a recruit for the sequel … ?

Watch a selection of the Twitter answers to fan questions below. Suicide Squad will be released Aug. 5.