'Super Mario Bros.' Honest Trailer: Before People Realized "Video Game Movies Were a Terrible Idea"

Meet King Koopa: germaphobe.

Super Mario Bros. was a pioneering movie — the first high-profile video game adaptation to hit theaters. Unfortunately, being first out of the gate, it was not without its pitfalls, as the film widely was panned and is still considered one of the biggest misfires of all time.

But 1993 was a different era. As the Honest Trailers narrator puts it, it was a time before people realized "video game movies were a terrible idea," as the trailer displays images of Street Fighter and Resident Evil.

While the classic Nintendo game was a delight, the film turned King Koopa (Dennis Hopper) into a germaphobe, and it really emphasized the plumbing aspect of the Mario Bros. lore.

Relive all that cheesiness and more below.