Hamster Runs 'Super Mario Bros.' Course, and It's Impossible to Look Away

Thirty seconds is all Hamumario needs to become an internet sensation.

Is this the missing third Super Mario brother?

A YouTube user in Japan has built a mini course based on 1985's Super Mario Bros. for her pet hamster — and she's paired footage of the rodent clearing the course with music from the classic Nintendo game. 

Early footage of the course appeared online in July, but it's the Aug. 18 video featuring the full course and the music that has taken the internet by storm, with the video wracking up more than 1 million views.

The YouTuber hints that there may be more from this hamster in the future — perhaps the underground level 1-2 that is teased in the video. Personally, we'd like to see something from the giant world in Super Mario Bros. 3

Hamumario, as the YouTuber calls the video, isn't the only big Nintendo news this week. Super Nintendo celebrated the 25th anniversary of its U.S. launch on Tuesday