'Supercrooks,' 'American Jesus' Sequels in the Works From Mark Millar (Exclusive)

Mark Millar Covers Split - H 2016
Courtesy of Mark Millar Ltd; Dave J Hogan/Getty Images
"I have five arc planned," said Millar about 'Supercrooks.'

On the heels of Waypoint Entertainment acquiring the rights to his comics Supercrooks and American Jesus, author Mark Millar tells The Hollywood Reporter he has sequels planned for the two titles and will release them in 2017.

Supercrooks: The Bounty Hunter and American Jesus: Messiah will reunite Millar with the artists and co-creators of the original installments, Leinil Yu and Peter Gross, respectively.

Supercrooks has an X-Men meets Ocean’s 11 concept. The 2012 comic told of a likeable group of supervillains who, fed up with the many superheroes based in New York, head to greener pastures in Europe to pull off a heist.

“I have five arc planned," says Millar about Supercrooks. About the lengthy period it has taken to get to a sequel, he added, “The stars never quite aligned for [Yu and I] and he was always in the middle of a contract when I was free and vice versa. But we decided we’d definitely do this about six months ago and I’m writing it over summer once all my current commitments are done."

Initially called Chosen when the first issue hit stands in 2004 and retitled for a trade paperback collection, American Jesus told of a 12-year-old boy in modern America who realizes he is the second coming of Jesus Christ. Millar has been talking about three sets of trilogies since 2008.

“Believe it or not, I’ve been writing and rewriting for 10 years,” says Millar. “I’ve had the first issue of the sequel written since 2006 and been slowly piecing the rest of it together since. But around Christmas it all started coming together very well. My great fear was the real Jesus coming back before I finished it."

Both books have been bouncing around several producers since even before they were published, but, commenting on Waypoint’s acquisition of the movie rights, Millar says the company and he are now on the same page, especially about Jesus.

“Peter and I never really felt anyone had the same take we did on the material, and so we held it back until these guys we just signed up with," says Millar. "The very worst suggestion, almost 10 years ago, was someone who told us that it was one of their favorite pieces of material, but would read a lot better if we removed Jesus from it!”