Groot and the Other Superheroes Running for President This Year

Let's all hope Loki doesn't make it into office.
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Superheroes are some of the most accomplished and famous individuals in their fictional universes, so it only makes sense that some of them would run for office.

In honor of Election Day, a number of notable comics creators and filmmakers have been stumping for their favorite characters — or at least using them to get out the vote. Though we're pretty sure Groot and Wonder Woman were not born in the USA and aren't eligible for the highest office in the land. 

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Americans - As much as you may be tempted to write in, "I am Groot," please don't succumb to the modern malaise of saying there is no difference between the candidates or it doesn't matter what you do. There IS an enormous difference between the two major candidates for President this year, and they will each affect the face of our country very differently. And, as has been shown in recent elections, your vote may be the difference between one or the other. So please vote. Your voice deserves to be heard. This is your country, and your world. Vote your conscience and vote with love. I believe in all of you. Godspeed.

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1000 years or…tomorrow.

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