'Superior Spider-Man' Relaunches Doctor Octopus' Comic Book Career as a Spider-Clone

Superior Spider-Man Cover - Publicity - P 2018
Travis Charest/Marvel Entertainment
The new comic series will begin in December.

Peter Parker’s villainous alter ego is about to return. Marvel Entertainment announced it will launch a new and ongoing Superior Spider-Man comic book series before the end of the year, once again featuring the former Doctor Octopus as an alternate webhead.

The first Superior Spider-Man series, which ran from 2013 until mid-2014, saw Otto Octavius take over Peter Parker’s body and attempt to become a more successful — by some metrics, at least; he lacked the great responsibility to go with the great power — version of Spider-Man. Although Parker ultimately regained control of his life, Octavius escaped and, as the result of the Clone Conspiracy comic book series, found a new home for himself in a clone of Parker’s body, complete with superpowers.

The second volume of The Superior Spider-Man — to be written by Christos Gage, with art by Mike Hawthorne — sees Octavius' newly adopted identity, Elliot Tolliver, set up life in San Francisco, where he’s a university lecturer and part-time superhero. (There’s a trend toward placing clones of Peter Parker on the opposite side of the country from the original Spider-Man; the recently completed Scarlet Spider comic book series saw a different clone in Las Vegas.)

“This time he's not trying to be a superior Peter Parker — he's trying to be the best possible Otto Octavius,” Gage told Marvel.com. “I can't wait for people to see this new chapter in Otto's journey toward ... redemption? Corruption? Triumph? Tragedy? That remains to be seen.”

The new series begins in December.