Superman Getting New Costume in 'Action Comics' Relaunch

The Man of Steel will return in September without his famous red trunks.
DC Comics

Superman will go pantsless in the 21st century reboot of "Action Comics," DC Comics said Friday.

According to the LA Times, the long-running comic series will restart at No. 1 in September, with Scottish writer Grant Morrison and artist Ralph "Rags" Morales at the helm.

One of the most notable changes to the original comics so far is Superman's costume. Although the Man of Steel still sports a skin-tight blue suit and his iconic red cape on the new cover, he no longer has the added protection of the Speedo-like red trunks he's worn since the first issue of "Action Comics," published in June 1938.

In addition to the Superman franchise, DC Comics also plans to relaunch other titles in the DC Universe, which includes superheroes such as Batman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern. New characters, stories and, of course, costumes will be introduced across the board.