Superman Heir Pens Letter to Fans About Fight With Warner Bros.

Laura Siegel Larson talks about her "David and Goliath" struggle over Superman rights.
Timothy A. Clay/AFP/Getty Images

Laura Siegel Larson, the daughter of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and Joanne Siegel, has broken her silence about the long-running legal war with Warner Bros.

She's fought for many years to "terminate" the studio's control of the Man of Steel by exploiting one aspect of copyright law. In 2008, she experienced success when a federal judge in California determined that her termination notice was valid on the first editions of Action Comics that first told Superman's story.

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The litigation has gotten ugly with Warners subsidiary DC Comics suing her along with her lawyer, Marc Toberoff, for attempting to interfere with its contractual hold on the franchise. This week, DC accused Toberoff of fraud.

No longer able to stay silent, Larson, who worked for many years as an award-winning broadcast journalist, has decided to write a letter to Superman fans to explain her position. What follows is her full, unedited letter.