'Superman vs. the Elite' Pits Superheroes Against Pups (Video)

In the forthcoming DC Comics Premiere movie, The Man of Steel faces a group of fellow heroes who will stop at nothing -- including killing -- to stop villainy.

Comic book fans who find Superman’s stout morality too wholesome for their tastes introduced to a new kind of superhero Thursday when Warner Home Video released the first official clip from Superman vs. the Elite.

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In a minute long clip from the forthcoming DC Comics Premiere movie, mealtime for a small group of dock workers is interrupted by the arrival of four superheroes: Manchester Black, Menagerie I, Coldcast and Hat. As they contemplate how to locate Superman, a dog starts barking at them, much to the annoyance of Menagerie.

After Coldcast observes that the pup doesn’t seem to like her, she responds, “I don’t like it,” unleashing her pet serpents to take care of it.

Watch the clip above for a look at “The Elite.” Superman vs. the Elite is being released on June 12, 2012.