Sylvester Stallone Chooses Australian Director for 'Expendables 3'

Patrick Hughes must still win approval from the heads of Millennium, the company behind the action movie series.
"The Expendables"

The action is almost ready to begin.

Australian helmer Patrick Hughes has been chosen by Sylvester Stallone to direct The Expendables 3, the third installment in Stallone’s all-star action movie franchise.

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Hughes doesn’t have the gig yet. Sources say he is flying in shortly to meet with the heads of Millennium, the company behind the franchise. He is expected to get the offer.

Hill is a relative newcomer with one feature film under his belt: Red Hill, the acclaimed 2010 thriller that starred Ryan Kwanten as a city police officer having a hell of a first day in a country town.

Expendables 3 is expected to welcome back the majority of its action stars, including Jason Statham and Dolph Lundgren. The producers hope to also add Wesley Snipes as they eye a shoot in late July-early August.