'Tak3n' Wants to Endorse Your "Particular Set of Skills" on LinkedIn

Taken 3 Tak3n Still - H 2014
<p>Taken 3 Tak3n Still - H 2014</p>
Plus, see Bryan Mills' well-sung "particular set of skills" of Christmas

Tak3n wants to endorse moviegoers' "particular set of skills" on LinkedIn.

The catchphrase of Bryan Mills is the basis of a new contest for the upcoming 20th Century Fox film, as one lucky fan can vie for a video endorsement on the professional social network from the Liam Neeson character himself.

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Watch the contest call below:

And for those who have checked out of the office for the year and are settling into the holiday spirit, the third installment of the franchise has listed its "12 Skills of Christmas":

Tak3n, also starring Forest Whitaker, hits theaters on Jan. 9.