Team USA Luge Joins Valiant's 'Unity' With Special Cover

Proceeds from the sales of the alternate cover for the independent publisher's big November release will benefit the USA Luge team's Olympic fundraising.
Diego Bernard/Valiant Entertainment

Valiant Entertainment's connection to the USA Luge team doesn't just stop with sponsoring the team or designing their Olympic outfits. The publisher today revealed that next month's Unity #1 -- which will be available with an 8-Bit cover, thanks to QR code technology and CineFix -- will also have a "Team USA Luge Variant" edition, with a portion of the proceeds from each sale going directly to the team's ongoing fundraising efforts for next year's Winter Olympics.

According to Valiant's president of licensing, consumer products, and ad sales, Russell A. Brown, "The timing couldn't be better to celebrate the unprecedented partnership between Valiant and USA Luge" with the launch of Unity and run-up to 2014's Winter Games. "It has been an enormous pleasure working with the team and their incredibly gifted athletes," he continued. "Now we hope to assist them even further with this one-of-a-kind special-edition cover for our biggest release of the year."

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The edition features a cover by Diego Bernard that sees Unity's antagonist X-O Manowar surrounded by the USA Luge team. Gordy Sheer, director of marketing and sponsorship at USA Luge, said that the cover "truly captured the passion and vitality of our athletes" and promised that the team would "bring every ounce of the energy presented here to Sochi when the Games begin this coming February."

Unity #1, with a story by Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite, will be released in comic book stores and online November 13.