Teen 'Judge Dredd' Among All-Ages '2000 AD' Comics Set for 2020

2000AD Regened - Publicity - H 2019
Mark Sexton/Rebellion
The '2000 AD Regened' program will expand to four issues next year after a sales success this year.

British anthology comic book series 2000 AD continues to unveil ambitious 2020 plans with the news that it will be publishing four issues in its all-ages 2000 AD Regened property next year.

Offering stories — and, in the case of “Cadet Dredd,” variations of existing characters — aimed specifically at younger readers, 2000 AD Regened is intended specifically as an entry point for a new audience. It was created in 2018 for 2000 AD’s Free Comic Book Day special issue and was resurrected earlier this year for a special issue of the regular 2000 AD title.

2000 AD’s 2019 Regened takeover issue was the best-selling issue of the year, so I’m excited to bringing the all-ages concept to four issues across 2020,” editor Matt Smith said Monday in a statement. “We’ve got some great stories and artwork lined up — many by creators making their debut for the title — so I hope these will go down equally as well with readers young and old.”

The first of the four issues will be 2000 AD prog 2170, to be released Feb. 26, with subsequent releases to come in May (2000 AD prog 2183), August (Prog 2196) and November (Prog 2206). (“Prog” is short for “Programme,” the name given to 2000 AD’s individual issues since its 1977 launch.)

Stories in prog 2170 will include another Cadet Dredd strip, featuring the iconic lawman during his teenage training days, as well as outings for Rogue Trooper — the subject of Duncan Jones’ upcoming movie — and characters from the long-running Strontium Dog property. The issue will be available in the U.S. digitally via 2000 AD’s webstore, as well as being a part of the monthly packs of weekly releases available in comic book stores.