Teen Noir Comic 'At the End of Your Tether' Launching in June

At the End of your Tether_Cover-Publicity-H 2019
VV Glass/Lion Forge Comics
The new series will debut from indie publisher Lion Forge.

Announced Friday at Emerald City Comic Con, indie publisher Lion Forge Comics is headed into noir territory with a new miniseries that pairs detective work with coming-of-age drama and a love story that might offer just a little more than expected. This summer, expect to find yourself At the End of Your Tether.

The series, by Adam Smith, V.V. Glass and color artist Hilary Jenkins, is a period coming-of-age story set in the late 1990s, centering around a mystery: When a troubled teen returns home to be reunited with the one person he made a connection with in his youth, he discovers that she’s been missing for a week — even though he just spoke with her on the phone the day before. As he starts investigating her disappearance, it becomes obvious how little he, or anyone else, knew her, leading to his being faced with two important questions: Where is his best friend — and who is she, as well?

“I am a really big fan of a particular sort of coming-of-age stories. I mean particular in that my favorites have always funneled that experience and feeling into genre in some form or fashion,” Smith said in a statement about the series. “Strange, weird, magical little things that take the experience of growing up and magnify that feeling with classic tropes. That's how At the End of Your Tether began; the idea of a coming-of-age noir, a crime story that could only be solved by growing up.”

Editor Jasmine Amiri added that the series “felt like an opportunity to experiment with the comics medium. How do we bring that feeling you get when you’re reading a book like [Craig Thompson’s critically acclaimed graphic novel] Blankets to the single-issue format?”

The three-issue series will be released in Lion Forge’s “double issue” format, with each issue being 48 pages long at a price point of $4.99. At the End of Your Tether will debut in comic book stores and digitally in June. A preview of the first issue can be seen below.