'Teen Titans: Earth One' Remakes Heroes for a New Audience

The newly announced graphic novel gives the Cartoon Network characters a makeover to appeal to new fans and noncomic readers.
Terry Dodson/DC Entertainment

Following the successful Teen Titans Go! series on Cartoon Network, DC Entertainment's underage superheroes are about to be reimagined for an new audience as the latest in the publisher's Earth One line of graphic novels.

The November release of Teen Titans: Earth One sees the team, originally created for the Brave and the Bold series in 1964, join Superman and Batman as part of DC's Earth One line of graphic novels, designed to showcase its characters outside the continuity of the monthly comics as a way of attracting new readers. (Wonder Woman: Earth One is also currently in the works.)

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"It's not tied in with anything else, so it allows you to literally display all of these concepts down to their core and start fresh and take them in new and unexpected directions while still being true to that core concept," writer Jeff Lemire told Comic Book Resources. "The freedom is pretty exhilarating."

The cast of the graphic novel, illustrated by Terry and Rachel Dodson, hews closely to the version of the team in the Cartoon Network series, with Cyborg, Changeling, Starfire, Raven and Jericho. (Interestingly enough, promotional artwork for the book features part-time Titan Terra in place of Starfire for some reason.)

"To be honest, [choosing the team's lineup] was one of the hardest things to decide when I got the gig, for a couple of reasons. There have been different iterations over the years," Lemire explained, pointing out that in the book's continuity, there are no adult heroes to mentor traditional members like Robin or Wonder Girl. "What I really decided to do was take unique characters that would be free of all that," he said, choosing members as far away from sidekick status as possible.

"Hopefully this volume is successful so I can do more, because I have sort of built this thing as a trilogy, with an expanding cast and an expanding story throughout three volumes," Lemire said. Teen Titans: Earth One will be released Nov. 19.