Arnold Schwarzenegger Wore the Most Obnoxious Shorts During 'Terminator 2' Nude Scene

"And I think we was wearing a pair of brown Bass Weejuns as well," director James Cameron says.
Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800 in 'Terminator 2'.   |   TriStar PicturesPhotofest
"And I think we was wearing a pair of brown Bass Weejuns as well," director James Cameron says.

I need your boots, your motorcycle and... your board shorts? 

It is common knowledge among Terminator fans that when a human or machine travels back in time, they come through naked — and that nude body most often belongs to franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Terminator 2: Judgment Day, which is getting a 3D re-release next week, features Schwarzenegger's T-800 arriving in the buff, which is shown in profile (a whole lot more was shown in the first film). 

But it turns out there is more to it than Schwarzenegger strutting his stuff. The actor surprised everyone on set for a portion of his nude scene in the biker bar by wearing the most obnoxious shorts he could find, which director James Cameron talked about in a behind-the-scenes feature unearthed by Heat Vision.

"Arnold walks into the bar wearing the loudest pair of Hawaiian print board shorts that he can," Cameron says. "And everyone in the bar is supposed to keep a straight face, but it all actually worked out OK because they all looked down in surprise."

Patrons of the bar were supposed to react in shock over the random naked man. Schwarzenegger merely ensured that happened, plus maybe something else, the director jokes. 

"And what he was trying to go for was they were all reacting to his enormous crank, I guess," Cameron says in the feature. "So now that you have the image of Arnold walking through the bar with these purple Hawaiian print board shorts on, you'll never see the scene the same way. And I think he was wearing a pair of brown Bass Weejuns as well." 

Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3D will be in theaters Aug. 25. 

Check out Schwarzenegger doing the scene in his shorts below starting at 1:33.